A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way’. Father, Dad, Papa, Appa no matter how we call them they continue to inspire and encourage us. While we are bogged in our day to day busy life, Father’s day on 16th June is a perfect occasion to take time off and celebrate this superhero who has been a guide, mentor and a friend.
As the whole world is sharing special messages and greetings for their father and gearing up to celebrate their hero in special ways, COLORS Tamil stars also take time to reminisce and send out a special message for their super dads.
Starting with Thirumanam pair who have been spreading abundance of love through their show, Siddhu and Shreya have a special message for their respective father. While Siddhu (Santhosh) misses his dad to share his happiness and watch him succeed in his career, Shreya (Janani) recalls a beautiful memory from her school days, “Back then when my dad carried me on his shoulder every day to school, it did not feel like a special moment. But now when I think about those days, I feel very happy”.
That’s not all, as other leads begin to speak about their man, they get happy and excited to recount their beloved days together.
Surendar, Oviya’s Surya feels Father’s Day need equal celebration as mother’s day. He advises everyone to realize the sacrifices every dad makes for their kid and thank them on this very special day.
Oviya’s Gomathi thanks her father for every achievement in her life. “He is my first love” says Gomathi with so much energy and enthusiasm.
Harshala (Gayathri of Oviya) admits her father is her first friend. “Be it happiness, sadness or anger I will always share my feelings with my dad. My dad fulfills all my desires in a jiffy. Since there can be no greater and purest source of love than our parents, take time to celebrate their day and enjoy every moment with them.”

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