Madras West Round Table 10 (MWRT 10) presents ‘Unified Sports Carnival 2020’ on 7th March 2020.

Madras West Round Table 10 presents ‘Unified Sports Carnival 2020’ on 7th March 2020.

Started almost 27 years back as inter-orphan sports meet, and then converted into Unified Special Olympics, MWRT10 this year is hosting its annual mega Special Children Community Service activity in the form of a Carnival. This initiative is aimed at giving a memorable day to these Children with Special Needs. While this initiative started with just 64 children in 1994, today thousands of children each year benefit from MWRT10’s humble contribution. This sporting / entertainment activity is meant to help ‘Special Children’ each year to develop their motor and cognitive skills by using competitive sports, music and collaborative activities. This event is much awaited all through the year and has seen a rise in the number of schools and children participating each year.

For the first time ever, MWRT10 would be conducting this event in the form of a carnival with plenty of fun carnival games, kiddie rides, food and refreshment stalls, clowns, costumes, music and the whole nine yards to make the event memorable for these special children.

MWRT 10 is also conducting a Unified Futsal Tournament for the specially abled children with 4 teams from the local schools. The teams will comprise of 5 special athletes and 3 unified partners. The futsal games will happen inside the ICF Indoor Stadium, with the same measurements of the Basketball court. The game will give the special athletes an opportunity to play the game with unified partners as their team mates. The concept of them playing with unified partners is to give them a sense of equal ability in terms of their motor and physical skills. This in-turn would boost their social interactive confidence and general aptitude.

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