The much-anticipated September Fest by Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium, Chennai, put-together the country’s biggest gaming event, Phoenix Gaming and Anime Expo, in association with Arknemesis Gaming from the 27th to the 29th September, 2019. The mega event brought together ardent gamers from across the country for one of South Asia’s largest eSports competitions along with the biggest Cosplay competition to bring the unique flavour and experience of Asian popular culture to Chennai. The three-day festival united gamers from all around the country on a new battleground.

Spaces in and around the mall were transformed into a battleground for customers and walkers-by to experience gaming at its best. The expo was backed by some of the leading names in video games, technology and electronics including One Plus, being the main sponsor and Monster energy, being the associate sponsor. There were also board games set up for family members and friends of gamers who attended the event.

Ardent fans came forward to participate in games like FIFA 2020, CS:GO and PUBG on both mobile and PC to win the largest prize pools in India of INR 22 Lakhs. Around 1000 people registered to participate in the various tournaments.
The courtyard was filled with youngsters who were glued to their phones to win the PUBG tournament. There were cosplayers dressed like famous Gaming and Anime characters, walking around the mall. Hard core gamers were thrilled to see characters come alive at the three-day Phoenix Gaming and Anime Expo.

And that’s not all, for all the Anime followers there was a mind-blowing cosplay performance by the band, Daisuki Band who performed a lot of Japanese hit numbers. The love for Anime in Chennai was evident when the audience started singing along with the band. Other interesting events such as getting your name written in Japanese and workshop on drawing your own manga character thrilled the audience.
International judges such as Izumi Hatae, Konomi Nakayama, & Katsumasa Hamashita evaluated the cosplayer’s stage contest.

The winners for PUBG – PC were the 9 year olds. Navin won the FIFA 2020 gaming tournament while Anish was the runner-up, and Team ASTERIX came winners in PUPG mobile category and CS:GO was won by Orgless 5.
In the Cosplay competition, Ms. Trisha dressed as the character Angie Girl from the popular Japanese Anime Television series won in the Anime category and Mr. Sheik Sameer dressed up as Scorpion won in the gaming category.
Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Pooja Patti, Centre Director, Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium, said: ‘We are glad that we hosted the much anticipated September Fest 2019 at Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium. It gives us immense pleasure to have the country’s biggest gaming event and Anime convention, ‘PHOENIX GAMING AND ANIME EXPO’ in association with Arknemesis, to distinguish the growing zest for digital gaming and anime in the country.
The events were conceptualized to recognize the love for gaming and anime in Chennai and thereby providing a platform where avid gamers & players may get a taste of a gaming done on a national scale. We are happy that we could give people an unforgettable experience of a life time.’

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