Programme of the XIV International Seminar of Tolstoy and other Russian classical writers on
September 10-13 th , 2019
10 September – leaving for Yasnaya Polyana from the metro station Annino (the last exit to the
right in the Direction of the train movement)

19.30-20.00 – / dinner at the hotel restaurant
9.00 – breakfast at the hotel restaurant
10.30-13.30 – Opening session, first session of the Seminar. Conference centre.
13.30 – 14.30 -lunch at the hotel restaurant
14.30 -18.00 – second sessions of the Seminar
19.00 – concert of classical music
20.00 – dinner
9.00 – breakfast
10.30-13.30 – third session
13.30 -14.30 – lunch
14.30 -17.00 – fourth session
17.00 – presentation of new editions about Tolstoy.
17.30 – the opening of the documentary “Pushkin in Italy” by Galina Evtushenko.
19.30 – farewell dinner at the hotel restaurant

9.00 – breakfast
10.30 –leaving for Moscow
Ekaterina Tolstaya (Yasnaya Polyana). Greeting
Galina Alekseeva (Yasnaya Polyana). Opening speech.
First meeting
Evgeny Solonovich (Russia). Translation as a declaration of love.
Akiko Aoki (Japan). Book A. L. Tolstoy “Memoirs of Tolstoy.
Life with Father ”and its Japanese translation (on the 90th anniversary of the arrival of A. L.
Tolstoy in Japan).
Costa Solev (Macedonia-Russia). Trunk repetitions in creativity L.N. Tolstoy and their transfer
Keren Sworay (Israel). Tolstoy’s Kreutzer sonata, discrepancies, culture and translation.

Galina Ovchinnikova (Russia). Comparative translation analysis “The Kreutzer Sonata” L.N.
Tolstoy in French.
Asya Ovchinnikova (Russia-France). Features of the appellative translation vocabulary into
French (for example, translations of the stories of L.N.Tolstoy)
Second meeting
Lyudmila Kalyuzhnaya (Russia). French archive T.A. Ergolskaya and his role in the study of
Albina Sayapova (Russia). The story of L.N. Tolstoy “Youth” in the Tatar Kiyama Minnebaev’s
Gennady Karpenko (Russia). Epigraph of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina “” Vengeance is
mine, and Az will repay “translated into German: interpretation possibilities.
Leah Bushkanets (Russia). Nominations in the novel by L. N. Tolstoy “Anna Karenina. ”
Almaz Zakirov (Russia). Folk speech in the novel by L. N. Tolstoy “Anna Karenina “: features of
translations into Tatar and English.
Rosamund Bartlett (UK). The Lyrical Tolstoy: The Challenges of Translating Tolstoy’s writing
About the Natural World in Anna Karenina.

September 12, 2019, Thursday
Third meeting
Rahul Aluwalia (India). Tolstoy and the Struggle for Indian Independence.
Guzel Strelkova (Russia). Translations of Leo Tolstoy’s works into the languageHindi.
Girish Munchal (India). Translation of non-verbal behavior of heroes in the works of L. N.
Venkatesh Kumar (India). Leo Tolstoy’s Influence on Tamil Literature.
Faleh Gadanhar (Iraq, Russia). The relevance of moral and religious Leo Tolstoy’s worldview for
the Middle East.
Elmira Ali-zade (Russia). The first publications about L.N. Tolstoy in the Egyptian periodicals
(early XX century).
Natalya Shuyskaya (Russia). The personality and work of Leo Tolstoy in the culture of modern
Rinat Bekmetov (Russia). Russian classics on the pages of the Tatar literary magazine
“Kazanutlary” (“Lights of Kazan”): works of Leo Tolstoy.

Fourth meeting
Galina Alekseeva (Russia). Galina Alekseeva (Russia). Editions lifetime translations of the works
of L. N. Tolstoy into English in personal library of the writer.
Lyudmila Karpenko (Russia). About some features of the translation of “dumb” scenes ”in the
texts of Leo Tolstoy (in English and Bulgarian).
Sabri Gurses (Turkey). The semiotics of translation in War and Peace.
Claudia Scandura (Italy). Modern Russian poets, open andI have translated into Italian.
Kirill Korkonosenko (Russia). Tolstoy, Russia and Russians at Pio Baroha.
Zharko Milenich (Bosnia). Translation from the language of literature into the language of the
film inexample of “Stalker” Tarkovsky.
Galina Yevtushenko (Russia). Pushkin and translation problems (in example of the film “Pushkin
Presentation of new translations of L. N. Tolstoy and other Russians Classics,

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