SRM Chancellor praises professors on Teachers Day

“This is a day that teachers should respect themselves with all reverence since they shape the future of the children,’ said Founder Chancellor of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Dr T R Paarivendhar, MP. He also spoke on the importance of teachers and how they should be role model for students, at the annual Teachers Day celebration held at the university campus in Kattankulathur recently.

The event was also president over by Pro Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development, Dr TP Ganesh; Pro Vice Chancellor (External Affairs) Dr. R Balasubramanian and Registrar Professor N Sethuraman.
The Chancellor, who was also a teacher, addressed all the professors and lectures of the university. He said, “You should celebrate this day as a community, and respect your selves first. The respect lies within yourselves and therefore it not simply a ceremony that is observed every year. You should be proud as the value of teachers are recognized well by bureaucrat, politics among others. At SRM we give due importance to PhDs while hiring teachers, but what is more important is your attitude. It is important to have a good and positive attitude as students will keep evaluating you all the time.”
He added, At SRM we have 20 students under the guide of one teacher. This is a procedure to help students feel comfortable it terms of teaching and approachability to subjects. To make this successful, it takes commitment from teachers. Therefore you should be updated in your own subject and general knowledge. At SRM there are lots of challenges in the institution. Competition with other universities and so on. Therefore it is important to keep excelling and updating yourselves constantly. This is how you can boost yourself and feel proud that we belong to the community of Dr S Radhakirshnan. Teaching is not a one man job, until we jointly think together and work for the development of our institution, this profession cannot be a success.

Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. R Balasubramanian said, “Teachers play an important role as they shape the future of the children.”
The teaching staff at SRM IST along with Pro Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development, T P Ganesh took the pledge prepared by our former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.
At the event, several professors from SRM IST, namely Dean of Agricultural Science, Dr TM Thyagarajan, Dean of Management Studies Dr VM Ponniya, Director of Students Affairs Dr T Mythili, Faculty of Engineering & Technology Prof Augustin Maniraja Pandian and Dr Shanthi Chitra from English department spoke on how the university has been a big support for the grown of students and themselves.

In his vote of thanks, Registrar Professor N Sethuraman said, Teaching is one profession that does not create jealously. When we look at our students succeed we only feel happy that they are doing well. He concluded saying that the Universitys research program for teachers such as projects and papers will be done in 10 days.

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