Sixth Edition of Bajaj Electricals Pinkathon Chennai 2019 presented by COLORS TAMIL concluded successfully with over 5800 women participants

✓ An initiative by the United Sisters Foundation and promoted by Maximus Mice & Media Solutions, sixth edition of Bajaj Electricals PinkathonChennai 2019 presented by COLORS TAMILwas held in the city on Sunday, 4th August2019 at Island Grounds, Chennai
✓ Visually challenged & hearing-impaired girls, Cancer Sheros, Baby-wearing mothers and senior citizens enthusiastically joined in the multi-category run across age groups
✓ Breast feeding zone, green water stations, Tsunamika medals were offered to the participants.

Chennai, August 4, 2019…The sixth edition of Bajaj Electricals PinkathonChennai 2019 presented by COLORS TAMIL, India’s biggest women’s run concluded successfully with an overwhelming response of over5800 women participating for the VWash Plus 3km, 5 km, 10 km and 21 km of the multi-category run held on Sunday, 4th August 2019 at Island Grounds, Chennai. A team of visually impaired girls, hearing impaired girls from Lotus Hostel, Cancer Sheroes, Baby-wearing mothers and senior citizens enthusiastically joined the run as well.

Bajaj Electricals Pinkathon – Empowering Indian Women, India’s biggest women’s run to encourage and promote fitness & health among women and create awareness for Breast Cancer and other issues relating to women’s health is supported by United Sisters Foundation and promoted by Maximus MICE & Media Solutions. Super model, actor, Ultraman and Pinkathon founder Milind Somanflagged off the multi-category run of the Sixth Edition of Bajaj Electricals PinkathonChennai 2019 presented by COLORS TAMIL.
Bajaj Electricals Ltd., a globally renowned and India’s leading consumer products company has come on board as title sponsors of Pinkathon, India’s biggest run for women after being the inspiring partners for last 4 years.
Anuj Poddar, Executive Director, Bajaj Electricals Ltd. said “We are glad to associate with Pinkathon for the second consecutive year as the title sponsors. We, as a company, believe in supporting events that have the ability to bring a positive change in society and resonate with our brand values of “Inspiring people”. While our long association with Pinkathon has given us an opportunity to communicate our brand story well, it has also acted as a catalyst in empowering women and to drive them to embrace who they are both internally and externally.”
Said Anup Chandrasekharan, Business Head – COLORS Tamil at the occasion, “At COLORS Tamil we believe that entertainment should nudge the society forward to drive positive change. Over the course of one year that we have been in this market, we have championed various causes through our shows – be it skin colour discrimination, bonded labour,honour killing, issues faced by the weaver community to name a fewand strong female protagonists have always been at the forefront of these shows. Through our association with Pinkathon, we are taking our goal of women empowerment one step further to spreading awareness about breast cancer and highlighting preventive measures that will benefit our society and its development.”

Expressing delight on the conclusion of thesixth edition of Bajaj Electricals PinkathonChennai 2019 presented by COLORS Tamil founder Milind Soman said, “We were very excited to bring Bajaj Electricals Pinkathonpresented by COLORS Tamilto Chennai for the sixth time. We were confident that the city and its people will support us and help make this run a humungous success. Pinkathon has carved a niche of being more than a marathon. While we conduct Pinkathon once a year in all the key cities, it is now being the seed of change. It’s a movement that is carried forward by a growing community of empowered women across India through the year. These women share a belief that a healthy family, a healthy nation and a healthy world begins with empowered women, first step in empowerment is taking control of your own health, respecting yourself and understanding and celebrating the value you bring to your family and society. Empowerment is not a gift of society; it is a gift you give yourself. Our Pinkathon Forever community is spread across 100 cities and 10 countries. There are over 15000 women connected on the Pinkathon Forever Facebook page and millions who get inspired daily to change their lifestyle and embark on a healthy and fit journey.”

The fitness icon further added, “Pinkathon Forever Training has created a culture of regular exercise and fitness which is taking root in India today. These initiatives are making our women more aware about the benefits of fitness. We encourage women to get out and run, which doesn’t happen enough due to various cultural reasons. We now organize Pinkathon in eight cities. More than 10000 women run at each of these events at the VWash Plus 3km, 5km, 10km and 21km distances. They run in running gear but also in sarees, salwar kameez, hijabs or whatever attire they deem fit and keeps them comfortable.”

Reema Sanghavi, Co-Founder Pinkathon & Managing Director, Maximus MICE & Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. said,“At the onset, I would like to acknowledge our title partner Bajaj Electricals and presenting partners COLORS for their extended support. We are proud of the association with like-minded partners to further the larger cause of Pinkathon in India.Chennai is abuzz with runners and fitness enthusiasts and a lot of running groups. We would like more women to take up their health seriously and participate this year. The campaign was supported by an integrated communication plan which included several pre- event activities like training runs for baby wearing mothers, first time women runners, cancer survivors and visually impaired girls. We have introduced several new events to encourage running across the strata of the society and age groups as well as differently abled. There was also an extensive online campaign to reach out to the masses and help the movement grow. The multi-city national event has received an overwhelming expression of support with over 100,000 women of all ages, across different walks of life having participated last year. This number is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in 2019.

The various Pinkathon mascots of VWash Plus 3Km, 5Km, 10 Km and 21 Km categories successfully completed their respective runs yet again spreading the message that women can overcome any physical, mental and emotional issues if they focus on their life and take up their health and fitness seriously. Age, disabilities, illnesses or for that matter even clothes are not a deterrent anymore. With the Pinkathon’s one of a kind initiative, every single finisher of Bajaj Electricals Pinkathon Chennai 2019 presented by COLORS received a beautiful Tsunamika medal, upcycled bag, a free mammogram for the participants above the age of 45 years and health check-up for the participants below the age of 45. The benefit is also transferrable. There were green water stations set up along the route as well as a breast-feeding zone in the holding area for baby wearing mothers.

Bajaj Electricals Pinkathon Chennai 2019 presented by COLORS Tamil has received huge response from corporate sponsors like Bajaj Electricals, COLORS, VWash Plus, Hotel Green Park, U.S. Polo, Enerza, ApolloHospitals, Apollo Cancer Institute, Bisleri, Bajaj CSR, PPL, IPRS and Barclays.

The focus of India’s biggest women’s only running event is to encourage an active lifestyle and overall fitness amongst women, while creating a much-needed awareness about breast cancer and bone health and encourage thousands of new or first-timer women to take up running. All proceeds raised from the event will be used for the expenses incurred in organizing and marketing the event, and by the Women’s Cancer Initiative in its fight against breast cancer.

Pinkathon has won several national and international awards such as WOW Awards for Best Festival of the Year & Best Sports Event of the Year and EEMAX Global for Best Public Event of the Year for ticketed and non-ticketed category.

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