A team of expert neonatologists, led by Dr. Rahul Yadav at Rainbow Children’s Hospital today showcased the successful treatment of two babies who were born during second trimester, at 23-24 weeks. The babies were born to two women (Mrs. Duniya Khandoker and Mrs.Fathima) from Bangladesh.
The babies were born elsewhere and were rushed to Rainbow Children’s Hospital in a very critical condition for intensive neonatal care. Having delivered a pre-mature baby in the past, the mothers had a pre-labour rupture of membrane that led them to go in for a pre-term delivery.
The babies, who were born within 23-24 weeks of pregnancy, not only faced difficulty in breathing, but also had gelatinous skin and under developed intestines. Weighing 480 grams and 600 grams only, the babies required extensive supervision and 24*7 intensive support to survive and become normal.
Scientifically, the success rate of survival of babies born in the second trimester, that is 23-24 weeks, is very remote. At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Dr. Rahul Yadav, Lead Consultant, Perinatology and Neonatology, along with his team, Dr. Shobana Rajendran, Senior Consultant, Neonatology and Dr. Arun Kumar, Senior Consultant, Neonatology, have treated the baby in a double walled incubator by assisting the baby to breathe using surfactants and ventilation.
Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Rahul Yadav, Lead Consultant, Perinatology and Neonatology said, “When both the babies were brought to the hospital, the mothers had no hope for the child to live. Both the babies were born in the 24th week of pregnancy with difficulty in breathing and immature intestines. Mother Fathima had conceived twin babies, of which one died after delivery, whereas in case of Duniya, who had also conceived twins, one of the babies died inside the womb due to which the doctors had to perform caesarean delivery. When the babies were brought to the hospital, they weighed 600 grams and 480 grams respectively. My team left no stone unturned while managing the babies to ensure a constant improvement in the health of the babies. We have seen a gradual and steady development in the weight, health and food intake of the babies. The treatment was only possible due to the utmost confidence placed by the mothers in my team.”
Mrs. Fathima belongs to a low-income household in Bangladesh and the hospital helped the parents to raise funds through a crowd funding activity to receive the treatment. Currently the babies, baby of Duniya and baby of Fathima, weigh 1.4 kg and 1.8 kg respectively and have been discharged from the hospital after intensive care for 93 days and 103 days respectively.

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