Chennai: Apollo Speciality Hospitals OMR has achieved yet another milestone by performing lifesaving procedures on four patients who suffered Stroke and Heart Attack. Dr. Karthikeyan, Interventional Neurologist, Apollo Speciality Hospitals OMR and Dr. Arul E.D, Interventional Cardiologist together achieved this most challenging feat.
Stroke is the second leading cause of death or disability after Ischemic Heart Disease. Immediate medical intervention could reverse the effects of stroke in a patient who enters an ER within the golden period of time. It is most unlikely that a stroke is accompanied by a heart attack. Heart attacks and ischemic strokes have nearly identical risk factors—namely, high blood pressure, diabetes, unhealthy cholesterol levels, lack of exercise, obesity, and cigarette smoking.
Stress, Lifestyle changes and dietary habits appear to be the main cause of brain and heart diseases. Youngsters follow a frantic lifestyle, spending more than 12 to 14 hours at work, including late night and sleep deprived shifts. They cause more harm to themselves by eating junk foods, smoking and alcohol abuse. These are observed as some of the causes of stroke and heart ailments in young people, on the other hand, genetic factors, coagulation disorder, vasculitis and dissection could also be the cause.

Dr. Karthikeyan, Interventional Neurologist, Apollo Speciality Hospitals OMR and Dr. Arul E.D, Interventional Cardiologist recently completed complicated procedures on two individuals who presented themselves with Stroke and Heart attack symptoms.
Mr. Ukramoorthy, 83 year old patient was brought to Apollo with limb weakness and chest pain, it was identified that he suffered block in the heart as well has symptoms of stroke. The doctors performed angioplasty to remove the clot in the blood vessel in his heart within 15 to 20 minutes and immediately performed a mechanical thrombectomy to remove the clot from his brain and stabilized him. This is a very rare occurrence and it’s highly fatal we manage to save both the organ and he recovered completely from the symptoms.
Below are the details of three other patients who had suffered both heart attack and stroke in short intervals. (All the procedures were performed during the months July to September)
Mr. Daniel 64 year old patient had sudden weakness of left upper limb and lower limb and with mild chest pain he was evaluated to have acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) with stroke, patient was immediately shifted to the cath lab where he underwent intravenous thrombolysis for the brain and on a later day underwent angioplasty for the heart.

Mr. Naren (name changed), 34 years-old corporate employee from Chennai and Mr. Kannan (Name Changed) 32 years-old corporate employee from Chennai were presented with acute weakness of left upper and lower limb along with chest pain and was diagnosed with myocardial infarction with acute stroke. The team of doctors, including Dr. Karthikeyan and Dr. Aul ED, performed intravenous thrombolysis which helps in lysing the blood clot in the blood vessels in the brain of the patients and also performed angioplasty to remove the blocks in their heart.
A patient with stroke symptoms should be treated within the golden hour period (first Three hours) as this will enhance the chance of his/her recovery rate. Both the patients mentioned above were brought to the hospital within the golden hour period, which helped in their remarkable recovery from both stroke and heart attack.
Presenting the cases, Dr. Karthikeyan, Consultant Interventional Neurologist, and Apollo Speciality Hospitals OMR said, “Around 10,000 people are affected by stroke every year in Chennai out of which only 20 percentage of them reach the hospital on time. Over the last two years we have treated around 400 patients for stroke and only 50 of them reached the hospital within the golden hour period. Among which 90% of our patients have been recovered from symptoms. Our stroke unit is comprised of round the clock Emergency Physicians, Neurologists, Interventional neurologists, Intervention radiologists, Intensive care physician, Neurosurgeon, trained stroke nurse and physiotherapist.”

Any patient who suffers stroke must be observed and evaluated for heart attack too as stroke indicates that the patient are at high risk for future cardiac problems and these two case studies proves the same.

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