Baroda Kisan Pakhwada celebration from 01.10.2019 to 15.10.2019

Baroda Kisan Pakhwada is an unique event celebrating all over the country in our Bank of Baroda branches from 01.10.2019 to 15.10.2019 to reach farmers community for the development of Nation economy in general and Agriculture in particular.

Objective of Baroda Kisan Pakhwada:

To increase the Agriculture production all over the country and to achieve the self relianace on food production.
To support the Govt. initiatives of doubling the farmers income by 2020.
To make awareness among the farmers in the Rural & Semi urban areas about Bank initiatives towards Agriculture development & farmers community
To educate the farmers to make use of our products for their Agriculture and allied activities for availing loan facility from our Bank.
To popularize the new initiatives & technology development in Agriculture field among the farmers in the Rural & Semi urban areas.
To inform the farmers about various methods of cultivation other than traditional practices.
To connect the farmers with various Govt officials from Agriculture, Agriculture engineering, Horticulture, Veterinary, Fishery departments etc.

Events to be organized during Baroda Kisan Pakhwada

Bank of Baroda is celebrating Baroda Kisan Pakhwada from 01.10.2019 to 15.10.2019 and the following events are to be organized across Tamilnadu,& Pondicherry in various regions and centre

Agriculture Loan Credit Camps
Special OTS and sanction of fresh credit to Agriculture NPA borrowers (with limit upto 5 lakh)
Agriculture exhibitions
Animal Health camps
Farmers meet in villages
Counselling services to farmers
Various social activities
Felicitation programme to farmers

Bank of Baroda – Strength

Unique features of Bank of Baroda is as follows,

Second largest PSB in the country after amalgamation
Spread over 9443 branches in pan India with customer base of over 120 million
5482 Rural & Semi urban branches
85000 employee work force
104 overseas branches spreading over 25 countries.
Bank’s total business as of June’19 is Rs 15,28,723 crore
Total Agriculture business of the bank is Rs.82548.62 crore

Zone features:

396 branches with network covering entire Tamilnadu & Pondicherry
4 Regions in the zone
Total business of the zone as of June’19 is Rs.61060.45 crore
Total Agriculture business in the zone is Rs.4805.71 crore
52 rural branches, 137 semiurban branches, 83 urban branhes and 124 metro branches

Bank’s new initiatives in Agriculture development in the country:

A new Agriculture digital platform created to the farmers in the name & style “Baroda Kisan”. It will take care of the basic needs of the farmers such as weather forecast, Agriculture commodity prices, soil health etc
Various tie-up arrangements
Tie-up with state Govt SRLM for credit linkage to SHG’s
Tie-up with collateral Managers for financing against Warehouse receipt
Tie-up with tractor manufacturing companies for tractor finance.

Various Agriculture Lending Schemes in Bank of Baroda:
Baroda Kisan Credit Card Loan Scheme for raising Crops ( Crop Loans).
Loan against Gold Jewellery / Ornaments
Loan against Warehouse Receipt
Loans for Establishment of Mini Dairy Units( Milch Animals,Goat Rearing, Sheep Rearing)
Loan to Farmer Producer Companies
Finance to Food & Agro Based Unit
OD Loan as Working Capital assistance to Food & Agro Processing Units
Loans to Self Help Groups
Loans for establishment of Protected Cultivation Projects ( Poly House Farming)
Loans to Farmers for Construction of Toilets
Two /Four Wheeler Loans to Farmers
Loan for Purchase of Tractor & Implements
Loans for minor Irrigation ( Sprinkler Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Pumpsets, Open Well)
Loans to Agri Graduated for Agri – Clinics & Agri –Business Centres
Loans for Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Pumpsets
Financing construction of Farm Building and Structures
Loan to NBFC-MFIs
Loans for purchase of Agriculture land
Loans to agencies providing Tractor,Power Tiller , Implements Hiring services to Farmers
Loans for allied activities (Poultry, Fisheries, Piggery, Duck rearing, Sericulture, Apiculture etc.)
Loans for Land Development activities
Loans for Purchase of Agri Implements
Loans for Consumption purpose (Baroda Kisan Tatkal Loan)

Specific Focuss in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry States:
Considering the Potential and scope available in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry for increasing the Agriculture advance, we have organized a workshop for all the Agriculture officers working in the Zone and instructed them to visit all Rural areas for doubling Agriculture Credit. This has resulted in enhancement of Agriculture Advance considerably.

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